The Warren E. Thornton Youth Center consists of a 41,000 sq. ft. expansion to the existing facility along with an entire upgrade of the HVAC within the current facility.  A central plant was incorporated into the new addition to handle the expansion and the renovation of the existing HVAC system.  The plant incorporates high efficiency water-cooled chillers, high efficiency boilers and primary/secondary variable speed pumping through the new facility and the renovation portion of the project.  The air system consists of single duct hydronic reheat variable volume systems, built up custom penthouse incorporating heat recovery along with standard constant volume four pipe air handlers.  The entire facility is controlled by a “State of the Art” web-based DDC control system.  The facility was designed to incorporate the utmost in energy efficient systems and equipment.

Project cost: $9 Million and was completed in 2004.

Warren E. Thornton Youth Center 60 Bed Expansion, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento County

Lionakis Beaumont Design Group