The 17,000 sq ft, $16.8 million dollar Ann E. Pitzer Center was completed in late 2016.  The combination 399 seat recital hall and classroom building has been designed by highest standards of acoustical architecture.  The system consists of variable volume high efficiency custom chilled water/heating water roof top units/steam heat exchanger/campus chilled water.  The entire system is controlled by the campus EMS system.  Special attention to acoustical considerations include low velocity distribution throughout the building that ensures a quality, acoustically enhanced system.  The Ann E. Pitzer Center is one of many Recital Hall and Performing Arts projects completed by Turley & Associates Mechanical Engineering Group.  Contact us for a complete list of Recital Halls, Performing Arts, and Instructional Arts facilities.

Total Construction Costs:   $16.8 million

Ann E. Pitzer Center

U.C. Davis—Department of Music


General Contractor: 
Kitchell Inc.

Mechanical Contractor: 
Lawson Inc. Mechanical Contractors